Sclera npo wants to contribute to the realisation of communicative and mental accessability* by

  • sensitize and inform
  • developing and providing tools
  • formulate advice

*We think of mental accessibility as the use of aides in order to help someone grasp time, alter behavior, communicate or creating a more accesible environment. Communicative accessibility means to make written and / or spoken language understandable for who has problems with understanding language. This need not be someone with special needs, it can also be used to help toddlers or low literacy in adults.


  • Everyone is different and has different needs. Because we believe in customized care and aides for everyone, we will design new symbols. If you have a question, we will offer advise tailored to your specific situation.
  • There are many Er zijn heel veel experts in many a family or institution. We believe that sharing experiences helps you find a better aide for your child or client. That is why we will provide a forum to encourage sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Sclera npo offers her experience and expertise to institutes and associations. We'te happy to help out with projects and initiatives, both small and big. .
  • What you do yourself, you do better. But to do it yourself you might need specific skills. That's why we offer how-to guides and instructional videos to help you on your way.
  • You will need specific knowledge besides skills. That is why we will share knowledge and new experiences through our newsletter and social media.
  • Our npo strives to keep up to date with all latest developments so we can answer your questions as current as possible.
  • We offer materials and some ready made items because not everyone has the same skills or budget available.
  • You need to learn how to use aides and symbols. Give both the child / client and yourself the necessary time to get accustomed to the aide. Keep evaluating and evolving your aid because so will your child or client.


  • Living is expensive enough. Not every family or institution has a budget to buy expensive aides in order to create a more communicative and mental accessible environement. Because we believe that everybody has the right to this accessibility, we offer our symbols, advice and knowledge to you for free.
  • We will answer all questions we receive. No matter which religion, dissability, sexual preference, cultural or social background or any other quality that makes you a unique and interesting individual.
  • Sclera npo respects the privacy of everyone who may contact us. We will never publish or pass along your information about you as a person or your situation without your explicit consent.
  • Our symbols are one of many different systems and sets out there. Because we belive care should be customized to the needs of your child or client, we will not limit our advice to our own symbols and materials. .
  • As parent/caregiver you knwo your child/client better than anyone. That is why we offer our advice without obligation. You, as an expert on your child or client, are best equipped to know which aides and tips will help your child / client achieve success.