Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa

Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa

Luna HD 24 Pro je visokokvalitetna elektronska lupa (CCTV-zatvoreni TV sistem) s 24-inčnim full HD ekranom. Sa svojim vrhunskim dizajnom, neverovatnim kvalitetom slike, prilagodljivim podešavanjem ekrana i kompaktnim dizajnom, Luna HD 24 Pro jedno je od najboljih rešenja za slabovide osobe koje žive s makularnom degeneracijom, glaukomom i drugim vrstama stanja gubitka vida.


- Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa: 2700 USD + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2022-10-24
u Srbiji u dinarima, za Evropske zemlje u EUR.


Only 3 tactile Buttons, Plug and Play

Magnification, contrast, and brightness are all easily adjustable on Luna HD 24 Pro, and the easy-to-use controls are placed beneath the video screen. Navigation around the text has never been easier. Besides, as an all-in-one desktop electronic video magnifier, Luna HD 24 Pro does not require installation or pre-charging. Unpack the box of Luna 24 HD Pro, set it up, plug it in, and then the user is able to use it straight away.


Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa

High-quality CCTV with 24-inch Full HD Display

Luna HD 24 Pro features a large high-quality 24-inch monitor with an amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution with zoom magnifications ranging from 2.5x to 70x, which makes it perfect for engaging in hobbies like reading, writing, sketching, etc. The HD camera of Luna HD 24 Pro ensures true retention of the original color of the print material. Even at large magnifications, the image and text are still sharp enough.


Adjustable Monitor Bracket for Ultimate Viewing Comfort

The monitor of Zoomax Luna HD 24 Pro is easy to tilt forward or backward or rotated to alter direction. Users of the Luna HD 24 Pro can change the height and angle of the monitor bracket for ultimate viewing comfort, or put it into the position you like best, and keep them there. Whether you are at your desk or across the room, sitting or standing, Luna HD 24 Pro offers the most comfortable user experience and the freedom to independently read and view the details.


Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa

Smooth Movement XY Table for Optimal Viewing Experience

The XY tables of the Luna HD 24 Pro incorporate a large base for added stability and an extra-large working surface. The medium resistance of the XY tables is ideal for moving and avoids stuck display, aliasing, or delays caused by movement, meanwhile, provides smooth movement in each direction. Daily tasks like reading and writing letters, managing finances, viewing color images, doing crossword puzzles, and even engaging in a hobby are all possible with the smooth sliding XY tables and large enough working surface.


Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa

From Basic Function to Advanced Mode

Depending different preferences of visually impaired users, Luna HD 24 Pro offers both basic and advanced options. The basic function is sufficient if the user is satisfied with its default settings. If users wish to explore with image freezing, different reading lines or reading mask, or another 21-color mode, low vision users can do so with the advanced operation.

Basic mode includes: up to 70x zoom in/out, true color and 4 high contrast color modes, find function, contrast level setting, and screen brightness setting.

Advanced mode includes: 20 high contrast color modes, reading line and reading mask (namely, one horizontal line, two horizontal lines, one vertical line, two vertical lines, horizontal mask, and vertical mask), LED light brightness setting, focus lock, frozen image panning, etc.

Luna HD 24 Pro stona elektronska lupa



Camera High Definition, Auto focus, Resolution ratio 1280 x 720p
Magnification Range 2.5x - 70x
Screen 24-inch monitor with resolution of 1920*1080
Color Mode True color + 20 kinds of color mode
Writing Height Approx. 17.5cm
Functions Zoom in/out, color mode adjustment, find function, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment
Advanced Function 20+ colors modes adjustment, find feature, reading line and mask, focus lock, freeze frame, memory setting
Total Weight Approximate 15 kg
Power Adaptern Input 100-240V, Output 19V/3A
Certificates FDA, CE marking, FCC, and RoHS Certificate


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