Stone elektronske lupe Panda HD

Most Accessible Desktop Video Magnifier

Cheers for Yourself
With the high specification and compact design, Panda HD offers the most attractive advantages of a full desktop electronic magnifier, all in crisp image, intuitive use, space-saving and affordable design. Are you ready for the large viewing experience?

- aaa: 1350 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Napomena: Proveriti ... Azurirano: 2024-05-31
u Srbiji u dinarima, za Evropske zemlje u EUR.

Continuous crisp image at all level

Equipped with high definition camera and 19’’ screen, Panda HD provides crisp image for full page reading at all levels. You can do homework exactly, play hobbies or read letters from kids anytime. It is very clear.  

 Zoomax Panda HD desktop video magnifiers reading books at office

Easiest to use for anyone

No bother of memorizing again and again, anyone, especially senior people can easily zoom in/out, change high contrast colors and brightness by using three big and intuitive buttons. The placement and function of all knobs is based on years of research, creating the most user-friendly interface possible.

Zoomax Panda HD full page reading high contrast color for easy reading

 Unexpected space-saving and eye-catching look

The compact structure of Panda HD fits the apartment perfectly. High contrast black and white design both on appearance and buttons catches your eyes anywhere. It is easy to reach and control. Just plug and read.

Zoomax Panda HD full page reading high contrast color for easy reading

High specification, affordability, better experience

Upgrade both on hardware and software, the high-quality desktop CCTV Panda HD offers excellent reading experience while at an affordable price.

Panda HD Specifications:

Camera: High Definition, Auto focus, Resolution ratio: 1280 x 720p
Magnification Range: 2x – 70x 
Screen: 19’’ LCD screen, movable & tillable
17 color modes:
Favorite color modes:  Full color + 4 favorite color modes
Functions: Zoom in/out; Switch color mode; Adjust brightness; Save recent setting
Free working height under the camera: 26cm
Total weight: Approximate 17.3kg